Accessible nature, between greenery and parks

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Accessible nature, between greenery and parks

From the sea to the mountains, beyond the saying. Nature here is sovereign and expresses itself from blue to green in infinite shades. Those of the sand and the rocky coasts that shine in the sun, hills and woods. Which besides being there for a lucky coincidence, are protected, protected and promoted. To always live, as only here can be.

In this land of oases, forests and uncontaminated paths, nature expresses itself with all its beauty, strong and proud. There are numerous parks and reserves, varied by history and natural heritage.

In the Inter-regional Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, which rises from the clayey area on the hillsides accompanied by woods and patriarch trees, foxes, roe deer and wolves, while birds of prey go up. A park between two regions, in the territory of Montefeltro, between Marche and Emilia Romagna, which in addition to nature also tells of history. Like that of the City-fortress of Sasso, commissioned by Cosimo I de 'Medici from 1560, connected to the surrounding castles as well as directly to Florence. Today there are traces of cisterns for civil and military use.

The Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve, characterized by the Candigliano river, is in a strategic gorge since the time of the Etruscans. Here on the eagle flies. Always very busy step, so that Flavio Vespasiano made you dig a new gallery (which is still functional for traffic). The works ended in 76 after Christ. Surely in more recent years the territory has suffered the aggression of the quarries, while today, with a renewed conscience, it is a place of nature that lets itself live among trekking, educational itineraries and mountain-bike excursions. And you never stop discovering.

In the ravines of Monte Cagnero, which rises up in view of Monte Nerone, you can witness an exceptional exposure of a geological range: twenty-seven million years of history are enclosed in a single point, indicated by the Gold Nail recognized by the Union International of Geologists.

Proceeding towards Umbria, you will find the protected flora area of ​​Monte Catria, a treasure trove of precious plant species, and the Monte Cucco park, a true treasure of perfectly preserved naturalistic rarities. Reaching instead towards the Tuscan-Emilian border, we reach the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, with its ancient beech woods and the Sasso Fratino Integral Reserve, recently elected UNESCO heritage. In the territory of Valmarecchia, oases of Torriana and Montebello and Ca 'Brigida stand out for their beauty and richness of wildlife.

Not just parks and reserves: the Apennines offers a dense network of routes. Those that develop in Alta Val Metauro can be consulted from the portale dedicato. Each territory offers opportunities for regenerating excursions between trekking e walking.

Land of imposing peaks, ancient trees, springs and waterfalls with crystalline waters, the central Apennine preserves a green heritage ready to welcome the curious and passionate visitor, allowing travelers to experience the crescendo of emotions that only this land is able to offer to those who have the predisposed soul.