Ancient land of coalmen

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Ancient land of coalmen

Fifteen days continuous work, day and night. Starting from the preparation of the charcoal, then the formation of a high wooden pyramid over two meters tall, with the space in the middle for the chimney. Everything is then covered with straw and earth. The fire is lit and then it is left to cook.

First of all, one must cut the wood, in symbiosis with nature around, a process that also serves as a service to the territory, with the control and care of the forests. Ancient knowledge of the tough, mountain economy. These secrets, which together with the grasshoppers, keep this passion alive. Despite everything. And despite the competition of industrial charcoal.

But what is born out of the long process phases is the excellent vegetable charcoal, only made with pure wood. Many restaurants in the area choose it for the quality and because it does not contaminate the cooking with odours that are not those of beloved wood.

The ancient art of making charcoal is still alive in Borgo Pace. The fire that joins the tradition of the hearth and the woods in the beauty of this vibrant territory.