Bread, landscapes and flavours of the territory

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Bread, landscapes and flavours of the territory

Supreme local production. Bread is found all over the world, but Chiaserna's bread is found only here. Because only here one can find the water from the springs of Monte Catria that is used for the dough. And so this product is the perfect representation of a typical local product.

Furthermore, the story has more elements such as the fact that the bread is prepared with the care and love that bread deserves, in the village of Chiaserna, a few hundred inhabitants in the village next to the “Carnia" the bread s only baked in very few ovens which can be counted on one hand.

The bread is flat, without salt, and slightly golden in color. It is particularly good with jam made from the local “Visciole” wild cherries, which is syrupy and clumpy.

The cherries are also used to make a liquor the "Amarena di Cantiano" a specialty which was regularly served on the table of the Savoia royal family.

The Visciole wine is sweet and used for dessert. As far as drinks are concerned, it is worth mentioning a project for the production and marketing of Catria's craft beer.

Contemporary thrills are added to the culinary traditions of the past, such as that of the so-called “Trotta della Duca" (Trout of the Duke), from the rivers of the territory. We find it documented in the documents from 1500. Today the trout are served on the restaurants tables in the area, there is a lot of sport-fishing, most areas are catch and release and there is a fish farm that cures the fish and constantly repopulate torrents.

Another typical product is Cantiano's horse meat, a rooted tradition that began from horse-breeding farms (with testimonies dating back to the year 1000) and that today is recognised for its high quality.

In the areas of Chiaserna and Monte Catria, between 300 and 1000 meters of altitude one can find another product from this area: the Balbano truffle.