The breath of the valley

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The breath of the valley

Few places preserve the purity of nature, managing to preserve its breath. Few places, like the central Apennines at the crossroads between Romagna, Marche and Tuscany, can preserve what nature has most true: vegetation, woods, springs, waterways, banks, lakes. Along the Valmarecchia, it is possible to explore all this, grasping its primitive soul.

The banks of the river, which gives the name to the valley, are lined with evocative paths, which can be traveled on foot or on two wheels. The route follows the entire course of the river, up to its mouth.
On the slopes of Monte Pincio, near Talamello, lush chestnut woods and sumptuous beech woods await visitors for regenerating excursions.
Spectacular ravines and evocative prairies characterize the landscape that surrounds the Fortress of Maioletto, in the municipality of Maiolo.

In the green surrounding the hamlets of Torriana and Montebello, in the municipality of Poggio Torriana it is instead possible to enjoy nature on foot, by bike or on horseback, along a thick network of mule tracks and routes, which can be explored in every season.

Not far away, to preserve an extraordinary ecosystem, was born the Naturalistic Observatory and Fauna Oasis of Torriana and Montebello: this space, dedicated to teaching and research, contains within it a rich variety of wild species of mammals, reptiles, birds and plants, including precious types such as oaks, orchids, pond plants and many others.

In the territory of Verucchio, in the locality "Il Doccio", there is the WWF oasis of Ca 'Brigida: over 16 hectares of woods, cultivated areas, springs, reforestations and river waters of the Rio Felisina. The area, with an undisputed naturalistic value, also includes a farmhouse with an adjoining park.

Returning to the inner part of the valley, until you reach the territory of Sant’Agata Feltria, you can visit the naturalistic areas of Monte Ercole and Monte San Silvestro, called by the locals with the enchanting appellative of "macchia", to indicate its enormous landscape and ecological value, also recognized at the institutional level by the Bioitaly project. The visit paths can be customized according to your preferences.

Nature lovers will find a true paradise in these places, where the landscape is pure, generous and surprising, like its people.