The casentinesi national forest park

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The casentinesi national forest park

Traces on the ridge or ring of shelters. Paths for more experts, which also intersect other national paths, or nature trails dedicated to the pleasant discovery of educational land.

This border land, whose further merit is to give a panorama that ranges between the regions, until it widens to the sea on either side of the Peninsula. And ancient forests, beech and fir woods. Indeed, more: Sacred forests, to be crossed with the dedicated path for seven days of silence. Or cross the Alta via dei Parchi distributed between Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Marche. And this on foot.

There are also mountain-bike opportunities, including other paths and forest paths to the heart of the Lama Forest. But here adventure rhymes with organization and then to reach the park there are the Bus of the Forest and the Train of the Park up to the electric boat on Lake Ridracoli, where they also rent canoes.

Another way to move easily is that of electric bikes, in addition to excursions with horses and donkeys. For those who choose to stay more days, the range of hospitality proposals is expressed in shelters, hotels, campgrounds, hostels, holiday farms, holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, pensions, landlords and apartments.

The flavors of the park are the sum of the food and wine tradition of the territories that intersect here. Here then is the gota (pork sausage), the honeydew honeydew, the "raviggiolo" cheese, the mashed sausage or "ciavar" and the tortello on the plate, a sheet of soft wheat flour and water of cooking of the pumpkin, stuffed with the same pumpkin, potatoes, garlic, onion, bacon, lard and pecorino. On the slab because it is prepared on sandstone.