Delicacies from the forest: treuffles, mushrooms and chestnuts

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Delicacies from the forest: treuffles, mushrooms and chestnuts

Taste and wisdom. The first one already accompanies the idea of ​​the search for fine products, the second evokes hints of spirituality in the union with the territory. Until the contemporary moment in which they perpetuate the tradition of commerce: they are a gift of the earth that expert eyes know how to meet and skilful hands work and transform.

The truffle perfumes all year round, declined in the forms of white that with its brushstrokes between yellow and gray emerges from the leaves of autumn, the black that from November to March is a roundish nugget, until the spring that detonates the whitebait. And then the scorzone, which from late spring to November is fine with everything. Important moment is the National Truffle Fair of Acqualagna.

And in addition to that of the diamond of the earth, in the air remains the scent of wood, the one that in the stone seccatoi cradled the chestnuts to make them light to be transported to the water mills that made flour. A tradition that today is expressed in prized productions such as Marrone di Caprese Michelangelo with Protected Designation of Origin, in excellent company with the small and sweet "pistolese" variety.

The table is warm with roasted chestnut, glazed or boiled, which becomes pancake, chestnut or sweet.

If the truffle and the chestnut evoke patience, the mushroom is instead a "lightning", like the blackthorn, a variety known for its speed in growth, sprouting everywhere between April and May in fields, meadows, land, clearings from the hill to the mountain even to compact in the so-called "Witches circles". More than wood, nestled from mid May to November under oaks, chestnut beech then the porcino, massive and tasty. Fresh or canned, for lunches and unique dinners.