Living nature in the heart of the apennines

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Living nature in the heart of the apennines

Appenine Essence. Mountains that are the landmarks of the area.

Places to get lost and found in, admiring nature and its flora and fauna that satisfy the wild feeling and at the same time offering adventure and hiking in organised areas.

Here we find Monte Catria. It is 1701 meters high and offers several slopes, each with its peculiarity, all to be discovered in adventurous hikes. The whole mountain has both green and rounded slopes as well as steep climbing walls.

Walking along its paths means opening up to different landscapes and moments, each with its own emotion.

Monte Nero is 1526 meters above sea level. It has limestone peaks with woods and meadows around it with streams,waterfalls and canyons.

The eagle and the owl fly here. The wolf runs free here. The area is a safe-haven for rare amphibians such as goblet salamandrine and italic newt.

The area is crossed with the hiking trails, ski slopes, caves, climbing centres and cycle paths, which lead from the highway up to the summit, such as the rugged “Piobbico".

Monte Petrano, is 1162 meters high, it lies between Nerone and Catria.  We also find the limestone relief of Monte di Montiego

Moments of rare beauty give the “Alpe della Luna”, and of Massa Trabaria, the ecclesiastical province of the Middle Ages, a ridge between the Marche and Tuscany regions.

One can imagine the men of the time walking through these magnificent forests as we find it today on the long paths, admiring the white spruce, accompanied by Apennine fauna, roe deer, squirrels, with the buzzards flying high above.