The park of monte Cucco

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The park of monte Cucco

A deep territory. In the north-east of Umbria, on the border with the Marche region , spanning the municipalities of Costacciaro, Fossato di Vico, Scheggia e Pascelupo and Sigillo.  A territory that descends from the highest peaks of the Apennines in Umbria and Marche, from Mount Catria which is 1707m high to Mount Cucco which is 1566m high, descending to the caves, which can be explored, for sports or for different activities.

During the Fifties and Sixties of the last century in the Forra di Rio and in the Orrido del Balzo dell’Aquila areas “rafting” was born, which involves the descending of rivers between gorges and cliffs which can even be practised by the less experienced thanks to the support of the speleological Guides.

Another peculiarity that makes this area unique and which is caused by the tectonic continental plates of Africa and Eurasia which causes the rain water that penetrates into the ground and comes out hot in some places.  Charged with minerals, the waters run into river basins and rivers such as Rio Freddo and Rio delle Prigioni. From this area several important rivers of central Italy flow: Chiascio, Sentino, Cesano, Burano and Metauro.

This disruptive geological history, today is reflected in the fossils of Ammonites found here (there is an important exhibition in Sigillo).

The cave of Mount Cucco has a maximum depth of more than 900 meters is one of the most important hypogea systems in Europe and certainly among the best known and studied in the world. There is an eight hundred meter underground tourist route through: stalactites and stalagmites, galleries, labyrinths and tunnels.

Gliding and paragliding is regularly practised here along with other organised activities.

The area is rich in cycling opportunities to enjoy the silent and magical scenery and fauna such as eagles, wolves and cave fauna.

For refreshment, after cycling, mountain biking, hiking, horse riding, cross country skiing and  fishing, weary travellers can enjoy the succulent local foods and wines like cheeses, vegetables, beans, bread, pasta, cereals, meats and salami and truffles.