A valley of flavours: potato, saffron and goletta

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A valley of flavours: potato, saffron and goletta

Mountain flavors. Strong, tasty and nutritious. Tradition, innovation in today's trade forms. Always known and reinterpreted over time, keeping the thread of what it used to be like once.

So here are the soils rich in potassium and magnesium and the mountain climate that combined with the constant and stubborn processing with manual planting, express their result in the Sompiano potato, white or red. Here are the gnocchi, the combinations for roasts and the superb grilled cooking. The product in recent times has been the subject of enhancement actions to enhance the value and expand the estimators.

Today's promotion routes intersect with the old-fashioned trade routes in saffron, produced in Borgo Pace, Peglio and Sant'Angelo in Vado, which have come from the surrounding regions and used in past centuries more as a form of barter that for direct consumption. Today history gives it to us in the form of saffron bread: from Easter bread, with its golden yellow it is always on the tables today.

On the other hand, the Goletta di Mercatello sul Metauro is the expression of the glorious art of Norcia. Comes from the pig's cheek, after being under salt and peppered, it dries near the fireplace to season in the cellar. Sizzled on an iron pan with white wine, accompanied by bread, it is a great snack to be comfortable watching the landscape outside a window, especially on winter days. A meditation sausage.