To search for oneself, trekking and walking

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To search for oneself, trekking and walking

Routes that help rediscover the essence of oneself. For the hikers or a simple walk in nature. All together, with the family with attention to the youngest, in the dedicated space or along the trails of the past to relive dramatic and engaging moments of history.

Or to feel deeply, drawing inspiration from St. Francis on his way to the North, or South to Rome along the Assisi Way, which leads from the Foreste Casentinesi National Park to the birthplace of the Saint along the via Romea Germanica. Unique itineraries for the soul.

Think of an activity holiday in the charm of nature. From the Regional park of Sasso Simone with its network of hiking routes to Alta Val Metauro, a place where nature that lets visitors live among trekking, itineraries and excursions. The breath of the apennines and mountains that are the landmark of the area are synonymous of home: Monte Catria, Monte Nerone, and the Alpe della Luna.

Let oneself be seduced by the Alta Umbria region and be welcomed by the Monte Cucco Park in the northeastern part of the region, a territory characterised by the highest peaks of the apennines of the Umbria and Marche regions. Monte Catria stands at 1707 metres above sea level.

And let oneself be emerged in the fresh waterways and the River Tiber running through the Valtiberina valley to the wooded and savage enchantment of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park.