Flavours and colours of autumn

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Flavours and colours of autumn

When the leaves become softer and all around is quieter. After the explosive summer, the ruminated tones of the trees proceed and the woods become browner. Flavours, scents and seasonal tastes, which are matched by the colour of nature.

And here in this period the delights of the woods and events devoted to them such as fairs and appointments consolidated over time.

There is an appointment in the Gastronomic Republic of Acqualagna to celebrate the prince of the land: truffles. two-thirds of the entire national truffle production is collected here and the whole town is involved in a fair that attracts crowds of curious and hungry people.

This is the period of the Chestnut Festival at Caprese Michelangelo.

As well as these are days when the forms of the fossa cheese wake up from the summer hibernation. In August, after a couple of months of maturation in the open air, they were carefully deposited in tufa pits covered with straw and reeds where they spend ninety days, up to Santa Caterina, on November 25th.

Autumn is also an occasion for pre winter excursions, experiencing the woods and mountains with fresh and cozy charm. It is the ideal season to enjoy the sparkling and vital nature of the apennines, excursions and itineraries, enjoying trekking on our countless trails, between Sasso Simone and Catria, Nerone or Carpegna, between the Alpe della Luna and Monte Cucco.

Immerse oneself in the clear autumn air and breathe slowly. Open ones eyes and let oneself be taken by the charm of the breathtaking colours of Autumn in the central apennine.

And now tell us that you would not be ready to leave ...