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Collegio Raffaello

"The construction began in 1705 by the will of Pope Clement XI (1700-1721) to" augment more and more in His fortunate Patria la Pietà e Lettere and the excellent education of youth. "The works interrupted at the death of Pope Albani in 1721 , they resumed by intervention of the successor Benedict XIII and then continued, except for another brief stop until 1741. The Roman architect Alessandro Specchi had provided the original design of the building, which was not entirely respected as it was considered too burdensome; contaminated with variants of the Piarist Sebastiano di S. Maria (G. Cucco), and certainly not least had to interfere the most famous frà Giovanni carmelitano, architect of the century Gian Battista Bartoli, who was above the building of the palace from 1725 to 1737 (replaced in last years by the Roman Gaetano Lirone). "

From Urbino, i mattoni e le pietre, Franco Mazzini, Argalia Editore, 1982 Urbino.

Via Raffaello 7
61029 Urbino (PU)

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