The Two Palaces

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The Two Palaces

Palazzo Giannelli, in the historical center, open externally. It is with Palazzo Briccolani, the most impressive civil building in the country. On three floors, with graceful wrought-iron balconies, the building has ground-level windows on the ground floor, an arched portal with floral decorations and a wrought iron radome and motifs and rosettes. The interior houses vaulted covered rooms and two adjoining rooms with wooden ceilings, decorated with neoclassical tempera. Among the latter particularly rich is the room open on the terrace characterized by cartouches with allegorical figures of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire Palazzo Briccolani, palace in the ancient village, was the residence of notables including Lucia della Massa, wife of G. Cesare de 'Medici, Gonfaloniere of the Commune between 1600 and 1700. The building consists of two buildings juxtaposed now unified in a long and simple facade and between floors, characterized by two twin portals with diamond drafts, from the windows with elegant railings and from the rhythm of the openings. On the ground floor, tempera decorations with fruit trees in the medieval-cortese style, on the main floor the coffered ceiling and a curved sandstone fireplace. The building is home to a commercial exhibition of ceramics and leather goods.

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Piazza Ricci 10
47010 Premilcuore (FC)
For information: call from Monday to Friday at 8.30 / 12.30 and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 15-18 to the number +39 0543975428/29

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