Alta Val Metauro

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Alta Val Metauro

Patrons and timeless artists. Lands that are always hospitable. Forests and cloisters and abbeys. Villages that are named after Roman legionaries and their battles with the Carthaginians. Renaissance architects, historic towns and lanes. Testimonies of the peasant society and traditions.  The land of pioneers in organic farming.

Villages with a medieval lively appearance and monumental churches, palaces. Calanchi territories contended between the Malatesta families and the Dukes of Urbino. Craft activities. The Lombards and the Roman Byzantine army, purple flowers and red crocuses for saffron .

Here are the hills that dominate the land are of strategic importance. The colourful mosaics that are still present today and the famous Via Flaminia. The Byzantines, Ostrogoths, Lombards, mills with great stones, crafts of the rural economy. Ovens and ceramic tile productions.

Along the whole of the Metauro basin, there are also examples of recent millers who used the water from the rivers to power the mills, a testimony of industrial archeology.

A "place of delights" and humanists.