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Living pictures brought to life in the typical muffled atmospheres of the eighteenth century, while among the ancient frescoes we find the indomitable spirit of the Risorgimento.

In the background, the trickle of a stream and green meadows that lead to places of faith, artistic treasures and Renaissance treasures.

Welcome to Modigliana, the most important centre of the Tramazzo valley, located at the confluence of three streams that meet here and give life to the River Marzeno. A medieval fortress and cradle of power of Count Guidi family, noble Ghibelline lords who owned more than two hundred castles that reigned over a vast territory, between Tuscany and Romagna.

The unmistakable silhouette of the ancient residence of the countess Englarada that had Franco-Germanic origins, she was wife of Tigrino, who was the founder of the Guidi dynasty linked closely to the historic nucleus of Modigliana.

The medieval heart of the town has an intricate pattern of streets and squares surmounted by towers, it is accessed through the 16th-century Tribune which has a circular tower, two bell towers and contains the statue of a Madonna with Child,

Treasures of art that have unmistakable value are kept in the Duomo (the Annunciation of Francesco della Querce) the Convent Cappuccini is now the seat of the Accademia degli Incamminati, while the small sanctuary of the Madonna del Cantone possesses copies of four works of art by Silvestro Lega (plague, hunger, war and earthquake), which replaced the originals that are preserved in the bishop’s office

The main building of the ancient hamlet is the Pretorio Palace, first the residence of Count Guidi and from 1377 the headquarters of the magistrates  sent from Florence. Today it houses the municipal archive and the Pinacotheca with the masterpieces of Silvestro Lega and other artist’s paintings.

At the time of the Risorgimento, however,  The Museo Don Giovanni Verità was set up in the birthplace of the Priest that was famous for saving Garibaldi from the Austrian troops.

The masterpieces of Silvestro inspired the September celebration called "The Festivals of the Eighteenth Century: Tableaux Vivants" in which the memory of the illustrious artist, protagonist of 19th and 19th century Italian and European paintings, has been perpetuated through the arrangement of scenes inspired by his masterpieces. The typical atmospheres of 1800 return to life in the small town of Modigliana.

The area has a delicious gastronomic tradition that for almost two centuries has produced succulent almond desserts made with chocolate, whole almonds and the unmistakable aroma of candied orange.

The town with its farms and is also included in the "Strada dei vini e dei sapori of the Colli di Forlì-Cesena" wine route.

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