Montecalvo in Foglia

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Montecalvo in Foglia

An oasis of peace crowned in a wild hilly landscape sculpted by its millennial history. The bitter nature of the sites and the instability of the clay soils is revealed from its name: Montecalvo, which is void of vegetation (Monte means mountain and Calvo means bald).

A strategic outpost at the time of the Montefeltro and Malatesta struggles, in the centre of an area between Urbino, Pesaro, Gradara and San Leo, contended for centuries by the two families because of its geographical position on top of the of the Valley of the River Foglia.

Its origins date back to the X century, passing under the rule of Fossombrone firstly and then to Rocca Contrada. It was conquered definitively by the Duchy of Urbino after the defeat of the Malatesta in 1460, as with the other lands of the Montefeltro it was eventually incorporated into the territories of the Church.

The historic nucleus with its narrow paved paths is accessible from a single unpaved little alley, protected by the ancient walls that are surmounted by a watchtower from the 14th century, whose remains represent a valuable historical and artistic testimony. From here, in one of the panoramic views that open out over the mighty city wall, the visitor's panorama widens over the valley between the Apennines and the Adriatic coast, marked by the weather that has modelled the land’s profile . A glimpse of breathlessness: a brutal and inhospitable landscape, but at the same time full of charm as a metaphor for the miracle of nature and its ability to forge the territory.

The spectacle of artificial lakes with rare tinca grass, black poplars, white willows and roverelle make it an important centre of tourist interest that you can even visit on mountain bikes.

The Badia fauna oasis, nestled in the Valley of the Foglia, is an ideal spot for birdwatching as it is  a stopover area for numerous migratory birds such as wild geese, cranes, green herons, ducks and waterfowl.

Industrial and handicraft activities, sports facilities, restaurants and accommodation are present further downstream in the particularly active and laborious districts of Ca 'Gallo and Borgo Massano, also home to a rich civic library specialising in children's books for 6 to 14 years old.

The village's cheerfulness and magic open up in strength in two moments of the year. At Christmas, when the streets and squares are illuminated by the markets with original gift ideas and artisan products typical of the area. And in the spring, when Ca 'Gallo on the second Sunday of April dresses for the Spring Fair with its hundreds of artists and exhibitors who with their products attract visitors from all over Montefeltro.

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